Liver Hunter: How to Bring Down Someone Bigger, Better, Stronger with ONE Punch, Kick or Knee to the Liver

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How to Bring Down Someone Bigger, Better, Stronger with a Single Punch, Kick or Knee to the Liver...

You Will Learn

  • How to target the liver with punches, kicks and knees
  • How to target the liver from both stances (orthodox and southpaw)
  • How to use setup shots to ensure your liver shots land (Advanced)
  • How to use even and broken rhythm (Advanced)
  • Full drilling system for how to master liver combinations

You’ve already seen this many times. A left hook, a left roundhouse, a left knee that lands into their right side of the body just folds them in half.

There is always a split second delay that is always enjoyable to watch. The punch or kick lands then a second later they fall.

However, everyone is a head hunter to get the KO. They forget that the body is right there and it’s a larger target.

Also going to the body will open up more shots to the head.

But you can’t just go to the body without deliberately targeting certain spots. Just like you shouldn’t target the head without deliberate targets - jaw, chin, temple and behind the ear.

When you throw to the body you have to target - solar plexus, floating ribs, spleen and of course the largest organ in the body - LIVER.

You’ll find the liver on the right side of the body right behind the ribs.

It is the vital spot that you need to start drilling to hit.

For this you’ll need to know:

  • Which specific punches, kicks, knees to throwing to the liver
  • Which high percentage combinations to target the liver with

Most importantly, you can’t rely throwing these strikes solo or combination solo and expect them to easily land. You need to learn how to set them up with other strikes and combinations. This is all high level striking with specific emphasis to hit the liver and make them drop.

This course will make you into a Liver Hunter…

Complete List of Videos in the Course

  • 00. Introduction (05:23)
  • 01. Punches and Punch Combos to the Liver (17:25)
  • 02. Kicks and Kick Combos to the Liver (11:53)
  • 03. Knees and Knee Combos to the Liver (14:33)
  • 04. How to Drill Targeting the Liver (24:43)
  • 05. How to Use Even and Broken Rhythm to Land to the Liver (07:51)
  • 06. Advanced Level Liver Setups (07:20)


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Liver Hunter: How to Bring Down Someone Bigger, Better, Stronger with ONE Punch, Kick or Knee to the Liver

0 ratings
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